School/Childcare Cleaning in Erskine, Western Australia.

Clean Classroom

Recognising the significance of a clean and healthy environment for young children, Professional Quality Group provides specialised cleaning services specifically designed for schools and child care centers to meet their unique needs.

Our school & child care centre cleaning services in Erskine, Western Australia:

Classroom Cleaning:

Maintaining pristine classrooms, devoid of dust, debris and potential allergens, fosters an environment conducive to focused learning. Specialised care is given to desks, countertops and floors using effective, non-toxic cleaning methods.

Restroom Cleaning:

Upholding sanitary restrooms encourages good hygiene practices among students and staff, minimising germ spread. Thorough cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, including sinks, toilets and urinals, involves premium-grade cleaning products.

Common Area Cleaning:

Maintaining cleanliness in shared spaces like hallways, cafeterias and libraries, we create a welcoming and secure environment. Tasks include sweeping, mopping, dusting, trash removal and decluttering for inviting and tidy areas.

Gymnasium and Sports Facility Cleaning:

We disinfect and sanitise gymnasiums and sports facilities, preventing the spread of germs and promoting a healthy environment for physical activities. We clean and disinfect all equipment, surfaces, and flooring, using appropriate cleaning products and techniques.

Outdoor Area Cleaning:

We maintain outdoor areas, including playgrounds, sports fields, and walkways, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for students and staff. We remove litter, debris, and animal waste, and keep surfaces clean and free of hazards.

Diapering Zone Hygiene:

Ensuring hygienic diapering spaces promotes good hygiene practices among children and staff, minimizing germ spread. Meticulous cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, including changing tables, sinks and storage, use premium-quality cleaning products.